Two Perspectives on the Baltimore Riots

Deterritorial Investigations


Brian Holmes, via Nettime:

As I recall, the finest hour of the American collectivity was the civil rights movement back in the ’60s. As I recall, we got a president today who was elected in honor of that movement. As I recall, the finest hour of the American collectivity involved huge riots, cities in flames, national guard on the streets. As I recall, everyone in America is duty bound by law to recall how fine was that hour. As I recall, some bastards who behave exactly like the military on foreign soil just broke an innocent man’s neck because they didn’t like the way he looked. As I recall, that does not exactly fit with our finest ideals.

Who knows where this thing is gonna go? Please remember that the rebellions of Detroit and Newark in ’67, and just about everywhere in ’68, were followed by the most extreme right-wing repression we have ever known in this country. And that was…

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