How to Post

Urban Cultural Studies blog

As a multi-authored site, this urbanculturalstudies blog invites English-language posts from contributors with academic positions who do research on urban cultural studies.

Would you like to author a post, but are unsure about how to get involved?

1) contact the blog owner and make a request to be added as an author.

2) once the owner has added you as an author (an email invitation will follow), you will need to create a username and password for the site, and log-into that site.

3) Once you log into you should then be able to author posts on

If you are unsure what to post:

1) first take some time to familiarize yourself with the site. The urbanculturalstudies blog is open to posts related to the intersection of urban studies and cultural studies the world over, with a particular interest in the relationship of cultural texts (understood as literature, film, graphic novels, music, architecture, built environment and more…) to specific cities.

Still at a loss?

consider creating posts in the following categories (check the blog for already existing examples):

2) A Brief Building History–Is there a specific city building that has figured prominently in both cultural texts and discourses of modernity or urbanism?

3) Urban Voices–are there specific figures who have contributed significantly to debate over the meaning of cities? How would you introduce the uninitiated to that figure?

4) Worth a Read–what are you reading right now? Are there specific scholars, books, even articles that you believe would be of interest to the blog’s reading public?

Other considerations:

Please consider categorizing your post(s), adding an image (or images), video, and multiple links to other sites. It is a lot easier than it seems at first. (feel free to email the owner with questions).

Happy posting!!!

2 thoughts on “How to Post

  1. It is near impossible to land an academic position, why does one have to have an academic position to know and post about urban cultural studies? Doesn’t that exclude the thought-provoking abanico of our opinions? Gracias.

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