Journal of Urban Cultural Studies

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esig-JUCSVolume 1 Issue 3

Cover Date: September 2014

Inaugural editorial: Urban cultural studies – a manifesto (part 2)
Authors:  Benjamin Fraser

Page Start: 343
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The worst tourists in the world: Gangsters, heterotopia and the space of global capital In Bruges
Authors:  Erica Stein

Page Start: 357
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Alternative sprawls, junkcities: Buenos Aires Libre and horizontal urban epistemologies

Page Start: 375
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‘Alas, alas. House, oh house!’: The collapse of the Cologne City Archive
Authors:  Dora Osborne

Page Start: 395
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Spaces for reading, a cartography of used books in urban Latin America
Authors:  Marcy Schwartz

Page Start: 417
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Urban tellurics in Barcelona: Between a Heideggerian rock and a postmodern swimming pool
Authors:  Edgar Illas

Page Start: 443
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Geographies of street art: Shepard Fairey and the trans-scalar imagination
Authors:  Mark Long

Page Start: 461
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Bodies and sculptures: Moving mountains
Authors:  Kate Evans

Page Start: 471
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‘Psychogeography of the Boundary’: An author interview with Eric Hazan
Authors:  Matthew Beaumont

Page Start: 483
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Sydney’s Chinatown/Chinese cities
Authors:  Donald McNeill

Page Start: 489
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Volume 1 Issue 2

Cover Date: June 2014

New Jerusalems: Derek Walcott’s poetics of the Caribbean city

Page Start: 173
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Re-enchanting the city: Hybrid space, affect and playful performance in geocaching, a location-based mobile game
Authors:  Maja Klausen

Page Start: 193
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The projection on the wall: What audio-visual architectural mapping says about Catalan identity

Page Start: 215
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Richard Price’s Lower East Side: Cops, culture and gentrification
Authors:  Thomas Heise

Page Start: 235
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Colonial modernity and urban space: Naguib Mahfouz’s Cairo
Authors:  Bede Scott

Page Start: 255
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The London 2012 Olympics: The cultural politics of urban regeneration
Authors:  Michael Silk

Page Start: 273
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Temporalizing urban space: The making of place by three Hong Kong writers
Authors:  Winnie L. M. Yee

Page Start: 295
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Teaching urban: Reflections from Hispanic Studies

Page Start: 305
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Jane Jacobs and the problem of the city

Page Start: 315
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Reclaiming the city through archive and activism: An interview with the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS)
Authors:  Susan Divine

Page Start: 325
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Volume 1 Issue 1

Cover Date: March 2014

Inaugural editorial: Urban cultural studies – a manifesto (Part 1)
Authors:  Benjamin Fraser

Page Start: 3
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Disaster, pre-emptive security and urban space in the post-9/11 New York City of Cloverfield and The Visitor
Authors:  Stephanie Simon

Page Start: 19
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Tokyo, gender and mobility: Tracking fictional characters on real monorails, trains, subways and trams

Page Start: 43
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The harlot city?: Prostitution in Hollywood, 1920–40
Authors:  AnneMarie Kooistra

Page Start: 65
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Liberty at the merry-go-round: Leisure, politics and municipal authority on the Paseo del Prado in Madrid, 1760–1939

Page Start: 85
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Misuse of The Monument: The art of parkour and the discursive limits of a disciplinary architecture
Authors:  Matthew D. Lamb

Page Start: 107
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Unpicking the musical city: On Adam Krims’s Music and Urban Geography
Authors:  David Beer

Page Start: 127
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Félix Guattari and urban cultural studies

Page Start: 137
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Cardboard Towns/Città Di Cartone: An artist interview with Marco Bigliazzi
Authors:  Benjamin Fraser

Page Start: 145
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Societies of Occupy: Scenes from occupied Pittsburgh
Authors:  Keith Spencer

Page Start: 155
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Its first issue launched in late 2013 (dated March 2014), the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies (JUCS) is a peer-refereed, international journal that blends humanities and social-science approaches to the culture(s) of cities. Its pages are devoted to rigorously argued research centered on urban themes that attempts to fuse urban studies- and cultural studies-perspectives. Articles give more or less equal weight to: a) one or more aspects of urban studies (everyday life, built environment, architecture, city planning, identity formation, transportation…) and b) one or more specific forms of cultural (textual) production (literature, film, graphic novels, music, art, graffiti, videogames, online or virtual spaces…) in relation to a specific urban space or spaces. The journal is open to studies that deal with culture, urban spaces and forms of urbanized consciousness the world over.

Research Articles of 7,000-10,000 words (including works cited and notes) should be sent by email attachment to the Editor. We also publish Short-Form Articles of 2,500-4,000 words in a variety of formats (interviews, assessments of the field, general and theoretical musings…). JUCS is also open to proposals of special issues by guest editors working individually or in teams of two. All citations in other languages should be translated into English for the journal’s international reading public.

While we do not publish single book reviews, we do encourage review essays—which should discuss 3-5 recent books on a shared topic or theme (or place) and run from 2,500 to 4,000 words. These essays will be reviewed in house. We also are interested in publishing original (unpublished) artwork on the topic of cities. Send an initial inquiry to the journal editor with the images you would like to publish. Final images will have to be sent as high-resolution files.


Executive Editor: Benjamin Fraser, East Carolina University

Associate Editors:

Araceli Masterson-Algar, Augustana College

Stephen Vilaseca, Northern Illinois University


The strengths of the editorial board currently run from urban geography to literature and film, photography and videogames, gender and sexuality, creative economy, Marxist approaches, fashion, urban planning, anthropology, sociology, Deaf culture, built environment, philosophy, architecture, detective fiction and noir, and more…

Stuart Aitken, San Diego State University

Dirksen Bauman, Gallaudet University

David Beer, University of York

Liz Bondi, University of Edinburgh

Esther M.K. Cheung, Hong Kong University

Ella Chmielewska, University of Edinburgh

Sara Cohen, University of Liverpool

Samuel Collins, Towson University

Malcolm Compitello, University of Arizona

Monica Degen, Brunel University

Stuart Elden, University of Warwick

Rebecca Haidt, The Ohio State University

Sonia Hirt, Virginia Tech

Amanda Holmes, McGill University

Eric Laurier, University of Edinburgh

Donald McNeill, University of Western Sydney

Angela McRobbie, University of London (Goldsmiths C)

Michael Nitsche, Georgia Institute of Technology

Gyan Prakash, Princeton University

Les Roberts, University of Liverpool

Mary Ellen Schwartz, Rutgers University

Rob Shields, University of Alberta

Steven Spalding, United States Naval Academy

Will Straw, McGill University

Roberta Tabanelli, University of Missouri-Columbia

Robin Visser, UNC-Chapel Hill

Brigitta Wagner, Indiana University

Andrew Webber, University of Cambridge (Churchhill C)

Richard J. Williams, University of Edinburgh


In recent years, cities have been increasingly at the forefront of debate in both humanities and social science disciplines, but there has been relatively little real dialogue across these disciplinary boundaries. On the one hand, journals in social science fields that use urban studies methods to look at life in cities rarely explore the cultural aspects of urban life in any depth or delve into close-readings of the representation of cities in individual novels, music albums/songs, graphic novels, films, videogames, online ‘virtual’ spaces, or other artistic and cultural products. On the other hand, while there is increasing discussion of urban topics and themes in the humanities, broadly considered, there are very few journal publications that are open to these new interdisciplinary directions of scholarship. This means that scholars in Language and Literature fields are forced to submit their innovative work to journals that, in general, do not yet admit the link between humanities studies of the representations of cities and more social-science focused urban studies approaches.

The Journal of Urban Cultural Studies is thus open to scholarship from any and all linguistic, cultural and geographical traditions—provided that English translations are provided for all primary and secondary sources citations. Articles published in the journal draw equally from both the humanities and the social sciences in order to better understand the culture(s) of cities. Although the journal is open to many specific methodologies that blend humanities research with social-science perspectives on the city, the central methodological premise of the journal is perhaps best summed up by cultural studies-pioneer Raymond Williams—who emphasized giving equal weight to the “project (art)” and the “formation (society).” Essays will be sent out for peer-review that achieve some balance between discussing an individual (or multiple) cultural/artistic product(s) in depth and also using one of many social-science (geographical, anthropological, sociological…) urban approaches to investigate a given city. Essays will ideally address both an individual city itself and also its cultural representation.

The blog is another way to keep up with the Urban Cultural Studies community and find out about upcoming events, new books and publishing opportunities. See our podcast series here.

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  4. Thanks so much UCS for linking up – I’m very interested in this area and look forward to seeing contributions to your new journal. Defining identity through urban culture is a particular interest of mine plus seeing how we respond to personalise our urban environment. Returning to Melbourne after a long stay in the UK – pockets of culture are more noticeably expressed at a simple and very personal level and often with very wry humour.

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