Urban Cultural Studies blog

urbanculturalstudies.wordpress.com is an interdisciplinary, multi-authored blog dedicated to the culture(s) of cities…space, time and urban everyday life the world over. See the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, an Intellect publication, for similar content.

The site is characterized by short, readable, informative posts–ideally accompanied by several images and links–relevant to the growing interest in urban cultural studies across fields such as geography, sociology, anthropology, language and literature fields, area studies, film studies, media studies and more…

The blog also features calls for papers as well as information about upcoming workshops and conferences to those working on cities across both the humanities and the social sciences.

This multi-authored blog accompanies an interdisciplinary and international journal on urban cultural studies with a well-known publisher specializing in humanities and social science research–and it aims to foster an online community of scholars interested in the culture(s) of cities from all disciplines, including both geographers/urban studies researchers and those from language and literature fields.

Please contact the blog’s administrator (Dr. Benjamin Fraser) with any items of interest or questions at urbanculturalstudies[at]gmail.com [I am Professor and Head of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The University of Arizona]. I’m also currently a Senior Editor of the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies that has published a number of articles on urban cultural studies over the years. I also co-edit the Hispanic Urban Studies book series at Palgrave.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts and would love to nominate you for the Inspiring Blogger Award. It entitles you to wear the Inspiring Blog image on your site.
    I have put a link to your Blog on my site.

    If you have stipulated no awards, then please forgive me for not remembering, and let me know.

    You will find my acceptance post here(http://rashidfaridi.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/the-inspiring-blogger-award/).

    Thank you, and please keep up the good work.

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