Anniversary of 15M

As the first anniversary of 15M arrives next week things are well underway to retomar [re-take] the plaza. Today’s El País offers a brief look at the events planned for Madrid:

La indignación quiere tomar Madrid

After seeing the horizontal organization and seemingly spontaneous “uprising” of last summer’s Acampada de Sol there is a certainy irony to seeing this year’s events laid out in Spain’s most influential newspaper. It will be interesting to see how the movement has transformed, multiplied, and matured. Equally significant will be to see how the change in Spain’s national government from the leftist PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español) to the conservative PP (Partido Popular) affects the response of the National Police (CNP) to the protests.



Dr. Reena Tiwari published a book called Space-Body-Ritual: Performativity in the City in which she puts a reading of Henri Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis to use in arguing for approaching the ‘city-as-body’, rather than ‘city-as-text’. It’s in my stack of current ‘to-reads’, and may be of interest to readers here.

Looking for information about the author, I came upon this Q&A, in which she touches on issues relating to urban architecture, public housing, poverty and migration. She makes some interesting points about making spaces that are ‘mixed’, both socioeconomically and public/private. Tiwari is both a scholar and an urban planner; is anyone here familiar with her book, or her work in general?

Note too that the website ( hosting this conversation may well be worth exploring, especially to readers interested in urban thought in Italy.