What is Urban Studies? What is Urban Cultural Studies?

One reason for this blog:

In a recently published essay titled “What is ‘Urban Studies’: Context, Internal Structure and Content,” authors William M. Bowen, Ronnie A. Dunn and David O. Kasdan discuss the primary ‘elements of the corpus of knowledge in the field’:

1) Urban Sociology

2) Urban Geography

3) Urban Economics

4) Housing and Neighborhood Development

5) Environmental Studies

6) Urban Governance, Politics and Administration

7) Urban Planning, Design, and Architecture

(Bowen et al. 2010: 200)

Clearly what is left out of this assessment is the importance and relevance of cultural studies / humanities fields–there are a lot of people out there arguing that “culture” (if not also specific cultural products themselves such as film, literature, videogames, photography, music, graphic novels…) is an essential part of the urban studies puzzle…

More later…