2 new music remixes on urban topics

Still trying to figure out garage band’s higher level functionality, but I’ve added two more songs to the list (in addition to the previous one “Capital, Time and the City [featuring David Harvey]:

“Under the paving stones the beach/beat” drawing from podcasts on Guy Debord/The Society of the Spectacle and a slogan sometimes attributed to him associated with 1968.

“In Manchester” mixing Joy Division and a lecture on F. Engels.

Check all three of them here. [where there are 5 more songs on non-urban topics drawn from Spanish Lit./Cult.]

Convenient Parking: suburbia / popular music / parking documentary

Much has been written on urban sprawl and music — in relation to the punk  / post-punk period specifically (the new interdisciplinary journal Punk & Post-Punk is forthcoming with a special 2012 issue on Manchester, in fact) — and yet I wonder if there’s been anything done with popular music and suburbia that has taken on the band Modest Mouse. Far from having time for this project myself, but it seems that the band’s albums are full of references to suburbia, car-culture, the shopping mall-phenomenon Continue reading