Answer Key to Bergson and Lefebvre Mash-Up (pts 1-3)

Here are the original sources for the sentences in the Bergson-Lefebvre Mash-up–the complete text follows:

[REFERENCES] L1939 = Lefebvre, Dialectical Materialism; L1991 = Lefebvre, The Production of Space; L1992 = Lefebvre, Rhythmanalysis; L1995 = Lefebvre, Introduction to Modernity; B1896 = Bergson, Matter and Memory; B1907 = Bergson, Creative Evolution; B2002 = Bergson, The Creative Mind

That the lived, conceived and perceived realms should be interconnected, so that the ‘subject’, the individual member of a given social group, may move from one another without confusion – so much is a logical necessity. Whether they constitute a coherent whole is another matter (L1991:40). These planes, moreover, are not given as ready-made things superimposed the one on the other. Rather they exist virtually, with that existence which is proper to things of the spirit. The intellect, forever moving in the interval which separates them, unceasingly finds them again, or creates them anew: the life of intellect consists in this very movement (B1896:322): Look around you at this meadow, this garden, these trees and these houses. Continue reading

Henri Bergson & Henri Lefebvre Mashup on Cities_Space (Part 1)

Philosophers Henri Bergson (1859-1941) and Henri Lefebvre (1901-1991) said some remarkably similar things on space if not also cities (despite the fact that Lefebvre “hated Bergson’s guts” as scholar Andy Merrifield has accurately reported) [see article here for more].

This mash-up is a result of the fact that I evidently had too much time on my hands and decided to work my way through some internet problems: file conversions, uploading audio, text2speech…

See if you can tell which lines are Bergson’s and which are Lefebvre’s… (as spoken by computerized voice, ‘Alex’)

I intend to post parts two and three later and then the script.