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003 – Madrid – Fraser on Antonio López García’s Everyday Urban Worlds [Book Teaser] – Urban Cultural Studies Podcasts

UCS 003 Fraser on Antonio López García’s Everyday Urban Worlds: A Philosophy of Painting   (6 August 2013) [BOOK TEASER] The author reads a concise draft introduction for a book in progress on the famed Spanish painter. Topics include art history, other Spanish painters (from Velázquez to Goya to Picasso, Dalí, Gris and M iró), Madrid’s urban space, temporality, and the book’s structure and interdisciplinary method (incorporating urban studies, geography, architecture, literature, cinema and more…). Born in Tomelloso in 1936, López García is an internationally recognized ‘hyperrealist’ painter, and in recent years his work Madrid desde Torres Blancas set an auction record at Christie’s for the sale of a work by a living Spanish artist.

002 – Tokyo – Thornbury on Trains, Gender and Mobility – Urban Cultural Studies Podcast

UCS 002 Thornbury on Trains, Gender, and Fictional Characters in Tokyo (3 August 2013) Conversational interview inspired by scholar Barbara Thornbury‘s article “Tokyo, Gender, and Mobility: Tracking Fictional Characters on Real Monorails, Trains, Subways, and Trams,” forthcoming in the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies (1.1, 2013). Focusing on “My Slightly Crooked Brooch” by Noboru Tsujihara,  other prose works and films discussed include Real World (Natsuo Kirino), The Thief (Fuminori Nakamura), “Newlywed” (Banana Yoshimoto), Train Man (Shosuke Murakami), and Café Lumière(Hsiao-Hsien Hou). [LINK TO ORIGINAL PUBLISHER]

Introducing Urban Cultural Studies Podcasts!


Introducing Urban Cultural Studies Podcasts!

There’s a new page on this site (main menu bar above) dedicated to the podcasts, which will feature interviews with authors of recent article-length publications relating to the cultures of cities. Episodes will be in the 20-minute range and strive to venture beyond the content of the original publication. Still some tech stuff to figure out, but they will eventually be available both here and through iTunes.

Toward an Urban Cultural Studies [video posted online]

For anyone interested in watching it here is a link to the lecture–or rather to the exercise in organized rambling–I gave at the University of Kentucky, now on UK vimeo:

“Toward an Urban Cultural Studies: Henri Lefebvre, Space and the Culture(s) of Cities”

To watch video, click above or go here: http://vimeo.com/50215247

Thanks again to the Department of Hispanic Studies there. The prezi itself can be seen in the background on the screen, but as announced before can also be viewed here. See also this previous post for more general information about the talk.

the city

The City is back from San Francisco and New York City!

In this podcast, I discuss New York City and the politics of public space with Fred Kent (Founder and President of the Project for Public Spaces) in their New York City office. We also discussed urban social movements, gentrification, social exclusion, environmentalism, and surveillance as they relate to public space.

Subscribe to The City‘s weekly podcast or listen below.

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David Harvey lecture archive: Reading Marx’s Capital

Urban scholar David Harvey has an online video course/archive discussing Marx’s Capital (lectures are available as audio files as well)–accompanying his own book A Companion to Marx’s Capital with Verso (which is a good read I’ve heard great things about his lectures themselves as well).

David Harvey is a Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), Director ofThe Center for Place, Culture and Politics, and author of numerous books. He has been teaching Karl Marx’s Capital for over 40 years.

Humanism and Cities

Check out The Open University’s podcast series on “Understanding Cities” (also available through itunes / itunesU): This episode on “Humanism and Cities” features interviews with such thinkers as Nigel Thrift, Saskia Sassen, Ash Amin and focuses on whether a city can be reduced to economics alone… (7 min.)

the time/rhythms of cities

Check out this great podcast from Radiolab on cities: their rhythms, time and space; walking the city–each city has its own rhythm that can be measured (says Robert Levine…)…

Then take a look at Henri Lefebvre’s posthumously published book Rhythmanalysis on a very similar topic…