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Continuing the discussion about anthropocentrism, I thought I’d share this post on object-oriented ontology, where professor Graham Harman from SCI-Arc, Los Angeles criticizes the view of correlationism, which is roughly the post-Kantian idea that we need to access the world necessarily through human thought. I believe that the issue with correlationism from a posthumanitarian perspective is not as much the fact that humans are irreducibly confined to their humanity (or the “correlational circle”, as Dr. Harman calls it), but rather the fact that this idea fosters the “more insidious form of human-centric ontology” which Timothy Morton attacks in his book Hyperobjects.

Object-Oriented Philosophy

He briefly responds HERE to my remarks on the Adrian Johnston interview. The post is brief, so I’ll quote the bulk of it here:

“I’ve been telling people for the past few months that I feel the anti-anthro crowd, in all various and contradictory forms, is gaining ground within the academy. And because the cutting edge is always to be opposed to whatever the cutting edge is, I assume to see a pro-anthro backlash. I’m not blaming Johnston of any of this. I’ve never meet him, and everyone I know who knows him says he is a great guy and a sincere intellectual. However, I really do assume that the pro-humanism or pro-anthropocentrism conference is on the horizon. The special issue for anthropocentrism will be coming out in journals soon, In Defense of Humans or whatever will be a title forthcoming book. You know it’s coming.”

Yes, it’s probably coming…

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