MAKING KIN WITH EARTHLINGS: An evening with the children of compost and Donna Haraway

I invite the reader to consider one of the most important ontological debates of our age; the issue of a human-centered ontology and how this idea is connected with the idea of the dis-connectedness of our age. Are we really disconnected? Or is the result of our own distorted fantasy where humankind is above nature? Enter the realm of ecological humanities and posthumanism, or let us at least agree on leaving behind anthropocentrism as the framework that will propel us to the next half of the current century as an organized society… Is there such a thing as “nature”? I invite the reader to think about the dialogue between this idea of living-with and ideas like dark ecology:


On March 31st, I was fortunate to attend one of three events that Donna Haraway held at the BOZAR in Brussels. The themes of the events covered varied ground but were held together by Haraway’s work and interest in exploring the potential of living-with others. The first two events focussed on film. The first was a series of videos that were the result of the joyful interactions between documentary filmmaker Fabrizio Terranova and Donna Haraway. It included “animation shorts of militant cows, anti-globalization preaches, GoPro cameras strapped to aquatic animals, anti-Trump folk songs… as rituals of resistance and dance against the horror and stagnation”. The second was the presentation of film Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival by Donna Haraway and Fabrizio Terranova. The film foregrounds Haraway’s unique intellect and warmth of character that has explored planetary life for over 40 years. The final event was Donna…

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