Dish City – A new podcast from WAMU/NPR

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“Do restaurants make neighborhoods, or is it the other way around?” – Patrick Fort

Dish City is a new podcast from the producers of The Kojo Nnamdi Show featuring stories of urban food culture. The podcast will dive into the world of Washington D.C.’s local food scene through the eyes, ears, and palates of Ruth Tam (The Washington Post, WAMU) and Patrick Fort (WAMU).

Announced at the end of August, Dish City will bring to our ears not only the intertwined stories of iconic D.C. dishes and city change but also high-quality soundscapes of the places where those dishes are served and the voices of those who enjoy them. The podcast will air on Thursdays, starting September 12, 2019.

You can subscribe for free to Dish City on iTunes, Spotify, Himalaya, or wherever you listen to podcasts. While you are there, remember to check out our own podcast: UCS Podcasts – urbanculturalstudies, by Professor Benjamin Fraser from the University of Arizona.

About the producers:

  • Ruth Tam is a writer, illustrator, and podcast producer. You can learn more about Ruth here.
  • Patrick Fort is a journalist and podcast producer at WAMU. You can learn more about Patrick at WAMU.
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