[new issue] 3.1 (2016) – cinematicity

Pleased to present the latest issue, guest-edited by David B. Clarke and Marcus A. Doel:
Volume 3 Issue 1

Cover Date: March 2016

Cinematicity: City and cinema after Deleuze
Authors:  David B. Clarke And  Marcus A. Doel

Page Start: 3
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Cinema, thought, immanence: Contemplating signs and empty spaces in the films of Ozu
Authors:  Andrew Lapworth

Page Start: 13
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The architectural cinematicity of Wang Shu and the architectonic cinema of Jia Zhangke: Diagrammatically decomposing the ‘main melody’ in monu-mental assemblage art
Authors:  David H. Fleming

Page Start: 33
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Paris vs providence: Framing the crystalline city in Jean Renoir’s La Chienne (1931)
Authors:  Barry Nevin

Page Start: 55
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Topographies of liminality in 1960s’ New York underground cinema: Peter Emanuel Goldman’s Echoes of Silence (1965)
Authors:  Berit Hummel

Page Start: 73
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Held captive in frames: Reconstructing 1970s New York through Chantal Akerman’s Hotel Monterey and News from Home
Authors:  Marlon T. L. Fink

Page Start: 93
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Exploring pop-up cinema and the city: Deleuzian encounters with secret cinema’s pop-up screening of The Third Man
Authors:  Ella Harris

Page Start: 113
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Of other worlds: A dialogue on the disappearing gardens of Fez and the different worlds they foster

Page Start: 133
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