Calendar for Online Hispanic Urban Theory Discussion Group

We would like to invite you to a continuation of a series of events that the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Arizona has launched in Virtual Reality for the academic year of 2015-2016. They will take place at Cibola, the Department’s home in Second Life. Next conversation will be between Malcolm Compitello (The University of Arizona), Susan Divine (College of Charleston), Juliana Luna Freire (Framingham State University), Megan Saltzman (West Chester University), Silvia Ruíz Tresgallo (Wisconsin-Stout), Matt Feinberg (Oberlin College) and the new Cibola Manager Laura Vazquez Blazquez (ABD, The University of Arizona). It will be about the relationships between urban studies and Hispanic culture. Everyone is welcome!

We meet on Thursdays (please see dates below) at at 5:00 p.m. Tucson time (7p.m. EST).

Here’s our tentative schedule:

2/4 – “The Urbanization of Consciousness” by David Harvey (led by all)

2/18 – “The Invisible Political Economy of Architectural Production” by David Harvey and “Architecture is now a tool of capital, complicit in a purpose antithetical to its social mission” by Reinier de Graaf (led by Malcolm Compitello and Megan Saltzman)

Date TBA – “Theses on Urbanization” by Neil Brenner (led by Matt Feinberg)

Date TBA – Section of Cities of the Global South Reader (led by Silvia Ruíz Tresgallo)

– TBA (led by Juliana Luna Freire)

– TBA (led by Susan Divine)

TBA  – “Rethinking the geographies of cultural ‘objects’ through digital technologies: interface, network and friction” by Gillian Rose or Extract from the book: Food and Urbanism by Susan Parham (led by Laura Vázquez Blázquez)

We hope to see you at the event. In order to access Cibola, you will need to install Firestorm in your computer ( If you need help, please contact any of us.

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