On Territory, Architecture and the Urban

machines of urbanization

Boucquet Plan for a Frontier camp Henri Boucquet, Plan for Frontier Camp (1765)

(Introduction for a seminar given at the Architectural Association in Diploma 14’s ongoing research on The Architecture of Territory, 16 November 2015Thanks to Pier Vittorio Aureli and Maria Giudicci for the invitation)

Clearly there is something about the way questions present themselves to us today, and the issues that they carry, that refer us more and more to territory. Questions of resources, extraction and logistics draw our attention to it, as does the ‘scaling up’ thesis of prominent Marxian urban geographies. And of course, much more pressing questions brought about by climate change, contemporary warfare, migration and so on, all force us to consider posing questions at larger scales. In many cases, however, the fixation on territory is a kind of placeholder for other things: landscape, nature, ecology, an area of land, a prescribed ‘zone’ of activity, or a realm in which…

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