[New issue] Journal of Urban Cultural Studies [2.1-2]

The new issue of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies is available in print and via pdf through library subscription. In addition to an editorial, 4 research articles, and 4 short-form articles, this one features a special section on Urban Soundscapes guest edited by Aileen Dillane And  Tony Langlois And  Martin J. Power And  Orfhlaith Ní Bhriain.

Volume 2 Issue 1-2

Cover Date: June 2015

Text to street: Urban cultural studies as theorization and practice

Page Start: 3
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Cape Town and the sustainable city in the writing of Henrietta Rose-Innes
Authors:  Loren Kruger

Page Start: 15
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‘X marks the spot’: Urban dystopia, slum voyeurism and failures of identity in District X
Authors:  Martin Lund

Page Start: 35
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Electronic music scenes: A comparison of the diverging spatial contexts of the electronic dance music scenes of Berlin and Amsterdam
Authors:  Hade Dorst

Page Start: 57
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Vagón fumador: Desire and dissatisfaction in the neo-liberal nocturnal city
Authors:  Fernando Sdrigotti

Page Start: 75
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Urban soundscapes and critical citizenship: Explorations in activating a ‘sonic turn’ in urban cultural studies

Page Start: 89
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Dead industrial atmosphere: Popular music, cultural heritage and industrial cities
Authors:  Giacomo Bottà

Page Start: 107
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At home, I’m a tourist: Musical migration and affective citizenship in Berlin
Authors:  Luis-Manuel Garcia

Page Start: 121
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Our sounds, our city: Urban soundscapes, critical citizenship and the ‘LimerickSoundscapes’ project
Authors:  Aileen Dillane And  Tony Langlois

Page Start: 135
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Ragged places and smooth surfaces: Audio walks as practices of making and doing the city
Authors:  Kate Moles And  Angharad Saunders

Page Start: 151
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‘Our Sonic Playground’: A model for active engagement in urban soundscapes
Authors:  Eric Leonardson

Page Start: 165
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The right to the city (If You Want It): Marshall Berman and urban culture
Authors:  Gareth Millington

Page Start: 177
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Neo-liberalism: Persistence and resistance
Authors:  Linus Owens

Page Start: 187
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Public art practice and urban change: An interview with public art activist Jack Becker

Page Start: 197
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Madrid’s Gran Vía: An urban cultural history and digital project
Authors:  Benjamin Fraser

Page Start: 205
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