“Through A Window” application of Rhythmanalysis at SFU

Society for Radical Geography, Spatial Theory, and Everyday Life

An exhibit at Simon Fraser University is exploring the application of Lefebvre’s rhythmanalysis in art! “Curated by Melanie O’Brian and Amy Kazymerchyk, Through A Window traces the history of art at SFU of the past 50 years. The inspiration behind the project stems from Henri Lefebvre’s book Rhythmanalysis (1992), particularly the chapter “Seen from the Window,” which allows us to consider three social, spatial, and material windows of SFU, and explore different rhythms since SFU’s inception in 1965.

Lefebvre’s method of rhythmanalysis begins with observing the rhythms of the body and how they are impacted by the natural and synthetic rhythms of the economies and cultures we live within, which in turn produces social practices and public spaces.

‘It is such a big idea, and SFU is a portal,’ explained Melanie O’Brian, the director of SFU Galleries. “Here we can look at those big and small rhythms in a…

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