Performative Histori-city, Part II/III


Author: Aliki Kylika

This text discusses the importance of collective memory within public space. The notion of ‘performative space’ is introduced, as one that evokes memory and emotion and provides ground for action or contains profound traces of past action. It is argued that radical art practices and performances in urban space contribute importantly to the preservation of the collective spirit and identity of space.
It has been previously published in the student journal ‘Jaws’ June 2013 issue #2 pp.82-89.

“We can understand how we recapture the past only by understanding how it is, in effect, preserved by our physical surroundings. It is to space – the space we occupy, traverse, have continual access to, or can at any time reconstruct in thought and imagination – that we must turn our attention. Our thought must focus on it if this or that category of remembrances is to reappear. […]the image…

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