Streetlife symposium – University of Kent, 15 Sept 2015

Progressive Geographies

Posted on behalf of Phil Hubbard – Streetlife symposium, University of Kent, 15 Sept 201

streetlife-symposium-webThe street is a social space like no other. It has always been a key laboratory for studies of social life, from the roots of contemporary urban sociology in the pioneering ethnographies of the Chicago School through to the diverse range of contemporary studies which consider the performative, affective and non-representational nature of social practice through in situ examination of street etiquette and encounter. Yet, the street remains only loosely defined in many studies, and sometimes disappears from view when social action is privileged over material context. Streetlife: the shifting sociologies of the street, a one-day interdisciplinary symposium, sponsored by The Sociological Review and organised by Prof Phil Hubbard andDr Dawn Lyon (School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Research, University of Kent) will address the ways in which the street matters in contemporary sociology and geography. It will critically…

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