June 6th. International Art-Intervention. Writing WallPeople



What is Wallpeople?

Wallpeople is a collaborative art project based in Barcelona that invites people to create and be part of a unique moment in a specific urban space. The objective is to compose a unique work and made by all.

One of our purposes is to return art to the streets and reclaim the public space as a means of expression and citizen interaction. Its philosophy advocates free creativity and uses Internet and its digital tools to offer their experiences in real life, and somehow raise a reflection on how we create and communicate today.

Wallpeople is a collective experiment and we are always open to the incorporation of new countries. This year it celebrates its more global edition, with 40 participating cities worldwide. We don’t know yet when will be the next, but for sure there will be more new countries and surprises

Writing Wallpeople 2015. June…

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