Classification Territories and Arts of Resistance in the Urban Space


Author: Aliki Kylika

By 2050 65-75% of the world population will live in cities.[1] As more people are gathered in the urban centres, the urban borders are infinitely expanded transforming the shape of the cities and of the surrounding countryside. In this expansion people are the absolute necessity for the city’s viability, but despite this fact they are not necessarily participant in the design of the urban space. A number of surveys and workshops are claiming to take into consideration the wishes of the local residents in the process of redeveloping each area, but the jargon, the phrasing and the structuring of these surveys raise questions on how much of their content is grasped. The whole process of extracting conclusions from such classification surveys is highly questionable, as it seems that they can easily be manipulated towards the speculations of local authorities and financial investors.

The viability of each urban…

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