Richmond’s Slave District Recreated in 3D

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Richmond’s Slave District Recreated in 3D | Community Idea Stations:

“Researchers at the University of Richmond have created a 3D map of
the city’s slave district in 1853. Part of the Library of Virginia’s “To
Be Sold” exhibit, the map traces the steps of a British artist whose
experience in Richmond led to abolitionist sketches, essays and
paintings. Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Learn More:University of Richmond’s Digital Scholarship Lab is giving a lecture on the 3D Slave District map Tuesday April 7th, Noon-1:00 p.m.,
at the Library of Virginia. They’ll also be sharing an animated map of
the evacuation fires as part of the Capitol Square pop-up museum for the
150th Fall of Richmond anniversary events.”

via Richmond’s Slave District Recreated in 3D | Community Idea Stations (Audio Available)

(H/T Brandon Locke for the link via Twitter!)

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Paris’s Galeries de Bois, prototype of the modern shopping centre – a history of cities in 50 buildings, day 6 | Cities | The Guardian

Civism and Cities

The Galeries de Bois, at what is now Palais Royal, took their inspiration from the souks of Arabia and the forums of ancient Rome, and became the inspiration for the covered shopping passages and arcades that would spring up over Paris around the end of the 18th century. They were also an early prototype of the modern shopping centre.

Created in the 1770s in the square around the magnificent royal palace (originally built by Cardinal Richelieu in 1628 and later inhabited by royals), they became the artistic, social and political centre of the French capital, drawing the great and good away from the royal court at Versailles.

By day the galleries, bookshops, cafés, and restaurants were a meeting place for the aristocracy, intellectuals and other members of the Parisien beau monde who mingled with students from the elite polytechnic school and traders from the Bourse (stock exchange).

via Paris’s Galeries…

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