Cities within Cities


“… as the philosophers maintain, the city is like a large house, and the house is in turn like some small city…”
– Leon Battista Alberti

The Lost Places Forum series continued this week with an architectural debate entitled ‘Cities within Cities’, held in the exceptional interior of Bath Abbey’s north aisle. Four Architects were invited to talk about their work, ranging from the professional to the academic, to the personal obsession, and their varied interrogations of the cities that surround and shelter us.

Cities within Cities – Fergus Connolly

Fergus Connolly introduced the themes of the evening and shared excerpts from his sketchbooks, recounting a very personal journey uncovering the universal parallels that exist between architecture at all scales; identifying the urban proportions that can govern the furnishing of a drawing room, as well as the lessons that city masterplanning can learn from the composition of ornaments on a…

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