Patrick Modiano, cartographie et vaporisation / Mapping and Vaporization

(e)space & fiction

Illustration de Jean-François Martin. Tirée du feuilleton d’Eric Chevillard, à propos de « Pour que tu ne te perdes pas dans le quartier », de Patrick Modiano. LE MONDE DES LIVRES. 02.10.2014

>Patrick Modiano recent Nobel Prize in Literature, can be called a geographical novelist by the way he intertwines time and space in his novels through picky and unfinished investigations in a misty and troubled atmosphere.Modiano’s books are full of places, addresses and very preciseroutes, mainly in Paris. The reader often follows an investigator compiling archives and old directories, searching back in time for spatial connexions and temporal coincidences.At first sight, Modiano seems a novelist for obsessional cartographers, a natural subject for (e)space&fiction. But why do we have the feeling that something important would be lost  in the mapping of Modiano’s novels ? His space-time narrative is too obvious to be something else than a decoy. We have to…

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