David Harvey, “I’m skeptical about the idea of reforming neoliberalism” (complete interview translated)

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Here is my final translation from Spanish; comments are, of course, appreciated.

David Harvey, Marxist geographer and intellectual: “I’m skeptical about the idea of reforming neoliberalism”

Originally posted: http://lachispa-revista.blogspot.com/2014/12/david-harvey-geografo-e-intelectual_23.html

An authoritative voice in the intellectual discussions of the left, and passing through Chile for the last “Puerto Ideas” in November, the professor from CUNY and author of “17 Contradictions of Capitalism” spoke with La Chispa about Marxism today, the crisis of neoliberalism, Latin America and Chile.

LC: In the context of revolutionary theory, in your opinion, what is the validity of Marxism nowadays?

DH: Marx offers a very good form of thinking social change and, at the same time, offers a way of critically understanding how capital functions. I believe that it is particularly important because capital moves in a mysterious way and at times veils what is really happening. Marx does a good job of demystifying these appearances and…

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