The Travelling Scholar Always Returns to HSS

Helsinki Summer School Blog

Giacomo Bottà is a xenophile who lives and teaches in France, Finland and Germany. Since 2008 he has been coordinating the Helsinki Summer School’s popular course on urban studies.

“I enjoy the atmosphere of the three weeks: it’s nice to work with such a big intercultural group and see the dynamics which are created, you can experiment a lot with group works and so on”, Giacomo explains. Furthermore, on a HSS course the teacher gets to know the students much better than on a regular course as the curriculum is very intensive: “The students are not wasting their time here, the course is about welfare so it is about egalitarianism, it’s about fair practices, about city making, housing and education. These are all cases that people can bring back to countries where such issues are not so obvious to all.”

Giacomo can come up with many good experiences he has…

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