More Megacity More Slum



More Megacity, More Slum is an adaptation of Vyjayanthi Rao’s Slum as Theory. It argues that Lagos has become vulnerable to a hawk-eyed predatory Second Colonial Force. In warning the city’s administrators of the impending dangers of romanticising with this Force, they are urged to broadly embrace the theoretical and empirical questions that slums pose in order to discover the Spirit of Lagos.

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Rem Koolhaas may have been too hopeful for Lagos when he referred to the city as ‘a developed, extreme paradigmatic case-study …at the forefront of globalizing modernity’. His further suggestion of dysfunctionality as an incubator for the future of the city should not be taken as a substitute for the legitimate yearnings of Lagosians for basic, functional infrastructure. However, because it is different from traditional theorisations on urbanism; his academic rather than pathological treatment of the dysfunction in Lagos is discourse-worthy. On the other end, George…

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