The Future of Urban Social Life is Cohabitation!

"I am linked therefore I am"

Today I attended a seminar in the series  The Future of Urban Social Life at Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm.

The title of the seminar was “Going Solo and Connecting” and main speaker was sociologist Eric Klinenberg. He has done research in and written a book about the growing global trend to live alone. In the Nordic courtiers around 45% of the population live in single households.

His book is called “Going solo. The extraordinary rise and surprising appeal of living alone”.  I sat and thought a lot about a maybe more surprising opposite trend (in our individualistic culture) among 20 – 40 year olds in Copenhagen. They move into collectives! I have no demographic data showing this trend but there are many 100s of newly formed collectives and there are new once popping up all the time. They consist of young adults. There are families, couples and single…

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