Civism and Cities / Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D.

Christoph Mäckler & Wolfgang Sonne

Formed to enliven the debate on contemporary urban development, the German Institute for Civic Art examines urban development history from architectural, planning, economic and sociological perspectives. This volume, with full English translation, documents the fourth Dortmund Lectures on Urban Design 2011, featuring British and American experts who presented recent findings and new concepts from universities and planning institutions in the field of urban construction. Norman Garrick US addresses the New Urbanism movement in a German context; Harald Bodenschatz GR considers transportation and place-making in postmodern communities; Ben Bolgar UK asks what can be borrowed from the development patterns of historic Britain for contemporary sustainability; Sergio Porta UK considers excessively bureaucratic developments in planning codes; Matthew Carmona UK takes a delightfully eccentric approach to the intersection of climate science; and Michael Hebbert UK looks at plot sizes as a scaled approach to development.July 2014 / Softcover8…

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