Returning from 2014 AAG

Just got back from Tampa, one of these years I will spend more than 1 full day and a half day at the AAG conference — too many interesting things going on to see in such a short time, particularly with a packed schedule of 10 presentations on Thursday including work by those from language and literature fields, architecture, history, sociology as well as geography (in two linked sessions: “Urban Cultural Studies 1: Geography and the Humanities” and “Urban Cultural Studies 2: The Culture(s) of Cities”). Looking forward to next time, perhaps 2015 in Chicago.

Thanks for all who attended the sessions for your interest, if you dropped by, remember that the first issue of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies is available for free here (some presentations delivered reflect articles published in issue 1.1, some of the other presentations reflect work that will appear in the second issue, and still others were new faces that we were happy to hear from about their original and intriguing work –unfortunately the second issue won’t include free content, but have your library subscribe to the print or online format of the journal through Intellect).

Also note that on this very blog you can find podcast interviews with at least three of the presenters from the sessions (also available on itunes). Just follow the menu bar to listen.

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