Video Games, New Media and the City

Post-Apocalyptic Cities

To extend the idea of the architectural uncanny to video games, one can imagine both the game environments and the confines of the game world itself as such spaces. For instance, what if, in light of the gothic horror elements of Bioshock, we view both Rapture and the Xbox itself as haunted houses?

View from the bathysphere in “Welcome to Rapture,” moments before the splicer tries to break into the bathysphere, and thus break down the barrier of the screen and box that separates us from Rapture.
The city of Rapture was an environment built to be a utopia, a site boasting the great achievements of modernity in its museums, libraries, theater, laboratories, hospital, and the spoils of genetic research in food and plant life. Yet, these environments are brought to ruin in Bioshock, as the city is flooded with violence and darkness, and left to fall…

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