Postdoc Position – Planetary Urbanization

Urban Sociology, Faculty of Architecture, ETH Zurich
As Part of the ETH Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore, the module V Urban Sociology (Prof. Dr. Christian Schmid) is offering
Postdoc position in the research project Planetary Urbanization in Comparative Perspective
The Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) is the first research program of the Singapore ETH Centre for Global Environmental Sustainability (SEC), a joint effort between ETH Zurich and the Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF). The FCL aims to do cutting-edge research and develop guidelines directed towards the sustainable development of buildings, neighborhoods and urban regions, in disciplines ranging from engineering and environmental technologies to architecture, urban
design and social sciences. It works in close collaboration with Singapore’s universities.
The research module Urban Sociology of Prof. Dr. Christian Schmid examines patterns and pathways of planetary urbanization in comparative perspective. The main goal of the research is the
analysis and evaluation of contemporary urbanization processes in eight large metropolitan regions: Tokyo, Hong Kong/Shenzhen, Kolkata, Istanbul, Lagos, Paris, Mexico City, and Los Angeles. Its approach is transdisciplinary, bringing architecture and the social sciences together, and it follows a strongly comparative perspective: The main focus is on developing and testing a new methodological
approach that allows an analysis of how urbanization processes are framed and determined by specific local conditions. The aims of the research are, first, to analyze the mechanisms and differences of planetary urbanization, second, to develop a typology of contemporary urbanization processes, and, third, to examine the range of possible urban development models and explore their practical implications.
We offer a postdoc position in Singapore for 1 to 1.5 years. The position will start in autumn 2013. The details of the employment will be discussed with short-listed candidates. You would be resident in
Singapore where you will join a vibrant research community, working in one of the best-equipped laboratories for research in urbanism. You will also be part of a Zurich-based research group working in the same field.
You should hold a PhD degree in social sciences (urban geography, urban sociology, urban anthropology or similar fields) and have a native fluency in English. Experience with book publication and editing and/or knowledge and research experience on Los Angeles are highly desirable. You will be the module coordinator of our research team in Singapore. Your main tasks will be to teach and support a team of 3 PhD researchers in Singapore, to coordinate with the additional
researchers in Zurich and to contribute to and coordinate the preparation of a collaborative book on patterns and pathways of planetary urbanization, which will bring together the results of the
comparative research on the eight different cities. Additional research on Los Angeles would be very helpful.
Please apply online via by September 7, 2013. Applications require a brief statement of research interests and motivation, a curriculum vitae, and a list of publications. For information please contact Christian Schmid:

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