004 – Theory-Parkour – Lamb on Parkour, Architecture and the Body – Urban Cultural Studies Podcast

UCS 004 Lamb on Parkour, Architecture and the Body (12 August 2013)  Conversational interview inspired by scholar Matthew Lamb’s article “Misuse of The Monument: The Art of Parkour and the Discursive Limits of a Disciplinary Architecture,” forthcoming in the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies (1.1, 2013). Pitched at a theoretical level (complementing the specific place-bound analysis of  Monument Circle in Indianapolis found in the article) discussion centers on the origins (and varieties) of parkour–an athletic engagement with the built environment (misuse through climbing, dropping, vaulting, jumping…)–and the conditioning of the body in place and as subject to architectural and urban forces.

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    On this interview, Professor Benjamin Fraser from the University of Arizona explores along with scholar Matthew Lamb the spatial and cultural implications of Parkour in cities. Among other things, the “free-running” practice featured in several movies like The Bourne Legacy (2012) from the Bourne film franchise is contrasted against the lifestyle that parkour implies, “the parkour vision”, which is “to achieve a kind of perfect harmony in motion with your environment” (Matthew Lamb).

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