Urban Agriculture in Caracas


Green space in and around San Agustín. Source: Metro Cable San Agustín
San Agustín, a parish in Caracas, Venezuela, is known for open plots of land where the hillside is too steep for habitation. A group of activists led by artist Natalya Critchleyand Rogue Architecture has been working there with school children on urban development projects. Based on a study of local terrain, they’ve started building garden plots for fresh produce to help reduce the burden of an extremely high cost of living.
Gardening as a school program. Source: Natalya Critchley and Rogue Architecture

Using repurposed pipes from a broken McDonald’s jungle gym, the group recently built a small allotment next to an elementary school in San Agustín. Colorful plastic tubes became planters and composting containers filled with biodegradable waste from around the playground. The project included urban agriculture workshops aimed at developing the skills needed to…

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