Call for Submissions: History and future of high-rise buildings

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From the New York Times:

This summer, the New York Times opinion department will present a special interactive project about high-rise buildings within its Op-Docs series. It will be centered on four short documentaries directed by the filmmaker Katerina Cizek and produced by the National Film Board of Canada in collaboration with The Times.

The project explores the history and future of high-rise buildings and their relationship to issues of equity, segregation and social responsibility in cities around the world. While the first three documentaries will draw on The Times’s extensive photography archive, the fourth film in the project will consist solely of images submitted by the public.

We’re inviting you to contribute a photograph that illustrates your experience of living in or around high-rise buildings.

By “high-rise” we mean any kind of vertical housing, including mass housing complexes, with many floors. Your photo could be a shot – a scanned…

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