Rebecca Jarman

photo-10The title of Gisela Kozak’s latest collection of short stories, En rojo (In Red), is somewhat more ambiguous than those of her previous publications including Latidos de Caracas (Caracas Beats) and Pecados de la capital y otras historias (Sins From the Capital and Other Stories). Self defining as a ‘choral narration’, the collection records movements of Kozak’s native city in an atonal key, with long lapses of silence and sudden bursts of sharp shrieks. The overall sound is harsh on the ear (grating at best, unbearable at worst), though somehow works to captivate the reader, not least given the stark beauty of the prose or the human insight of its author.

Each story provides a two-page glimpse into the life of a caraqueño, the overtones of the title transforming with each shift in the narrative composed of seven movements. The first stark reference is to…

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