The Post Crash City: Cosmopolitanism, Univ. of York, March 14-15, 2013

The Post-Crash City: Cosmopolitanism

14-15 March 2013, Centre for URBan Research (CURB), University of York

Key speakers: Gareth Millington(author of Race, Culture and the Right to the City)  and Annette Spellerberg, Chair of Urban Sociology, University of Kaiserslautern, visiting fellow CURB.

Immigration and diversity lie at the heart of electoral contests globally in recent years. The liberal consensus around multi-culturalism saw its first signs of crisis around the Salman Rushdie affair and went into a sharp reverse after the events of 9/11 as national policy agendas, party leaders and the mainstream media took an increasingly hostile view of ‘cultural enemies within’. At the same time, the sense of economic crisis, for commentators like Slavoj Zizek and John Gray, has gripped mainstream political thinking, the value of national in-groups has been raised by the force of uncertainties themselves generated by financial uncertainty and declining public supports. What then is the place of notions of social diversity, diaspora and social hybridity in the wake of the economic crisis and rising levels of intolerance and suspicion of assertive cultural and religious difference? This two day conference will be held on the University of York campus, registration includes conference dinner with a strict limit on numbers to maximise participation and discussion. A book based on the conference series is planned for 2014, drawn from papers presented over the series.

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Further details at: (more information to be added shortly).

A limited number of heavily discounted places are available for those in need, please contact for details.

Details of future post-crash city meetings on Economies in June (Key speaker: Jamie Peck) and Environments, December, can be found on our webpage.


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