Gentrification of the Christmas Village

Tis the season…


xmas_villageIf there is one cheesy Christmas tradition I indulge in, it’s the Christmas Village.  It started when Bryan and I got together with a lighthouse from Walgreens and an over-sized church from his mom.  Each year there’s at least one new piece that gets added.  They’re not perfect – knock-offs purchased for no more than $10 a piece.  Until this year…


Yep, the hipsters have moved into Christmas Village.  Since property values were so low (i.e., there was a sale at KMart) the new tap house came at a great price.  It’s between the vintage diner that was rescued and relocated from Hocking Hills and the church.  There’s also a lot down the street that was cleared recently (two out-of-scale carnival games were removed) that may potentially be the new location of a performing arts center.  It’s a Christmas tree lot for the time being (those were on sale…

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