the Human City Project

Last week we told you about the Ludic City conference in Brussels organized by iMINDS-SMIT. With the subtitle: ‘Urban Practices through a playful lens’ in mind, we went down to Elsene for an evening of lectures.

First off was Quentin Stevens, author of the book ‘The Ludic City’, after which the conference was named. He couldn’t attend personally, but recorded a video in advance.

Stevens ran through the main structure of his book, on how he built a framework for analysis of public space in relation to playing and games. There is a distinct difference between game and play, as stated by all speakers. Games refer to a set of rules that bind the players, where play is a more improvised form without boundaries or goals. For more on gamification and play, Thomas Malaby was regularly mentioned as a valid source.

Stevens uses spatial notions such as edges, paths…

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