Call for Mobility Studies Syllabi

This just in from Hiroki Shin on behalf of T2M:


Dear Colleague,

The International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T2M) is currently planning to incorporate in its website a list of course syllabi/syllabuses related to the history and general studies of mobility (in this round, English syllabi only). Our aim is to publicise the teaching of mobility studies, assist in improving the standard of such studies and facilitate its introduction to a wider range of academic institutions.

We would like to request you to kindly send us a copy of your mobility history/studies course syllabi, in the form of an email attachment (MS Word or PDF format) to Hiroki Shin (hiroki.shin[at]york[dot]ac[dot]uk), if you are currently giving such courses at an academic institution.

Please note:

•       We can only accept submissions from the author of the document, with the understanding that it will be made available for general viewing and download.
•       The subject of the syllabi needs to be mobility history/studies broadly conceived. Due to the limited size of data storage available on our website, it is possible not all the syllabi sent to us will be uploaded.
•       The use of syllabi is strictly limited for educational purposes. A statement to this effect will appear on the webpage.
•       The copyright of the syllabi remains with the respective authors. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to include a copyright notice in the syllabi on submission, though a general copyright warning will appear on the webpage.
•       The syllabi list is planned to be made available by the next annual T2M conference in November. We aim to continue updating the website from then on.

Yours sincerely,

T2M Syllabi Committee

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