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Here’s some information from Rachel Jones about a conference called ‘Visual Urbanism: Perspectives on Contemporary Research’, which is the inaugural conference organised by the new International Association of Visual Urbanists (iAVU).

It’s on Monday, 8 October 2012 at the British Library Conference Centre in London; tickets cost £10 including lunch, and you book online here.

The event asks: what does the emerging field of visual urbanism look like today? What is the current status of the visual within urban research? The city is a dynamic entity and the ways in which researchers visualise the urban continue to emerge and evolve alongside the shifting metropolis. This is the inaugural event of the new International Association of Visual Urbanists and is aimed at arts practitioners and researchers from the humanities and social sciences who have an interest in visual urbanism.

This interdisciplinary event will explore how urbanists use visual practice to…

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I have finished reading Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscape, an exhibition catalogue published by the Walker Arts Center in 2008 for the exhibition Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscape. I realise that I am 4 years behind in discussing the exhibition and catalogue but I started reading Worlds Away because, as much as I deny it, I currently live in the suburbs. I would like to preface that statement by saying the small city I live in is sub-urban to Vancouver but is quite different to the many suburban communities that surround us. However, one thing that I have experienced is that the perception of where I live is suburban and along with that comes many preconceptions both good and bad. However, I have observed two stereotypes that really do seem to prevail here: 1) everyone drives a car EVERYWHERE (even if it is a 5 minute walk and it will…

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