Party of the Uncertain

“Urban territory becomes the battlefield of continuous space war, sometimes erupting into the public spectacle of inner-city riots, ritual skirmishes with the police, the occasional forays of soccer crowds, but waged daily just beneath the surface of the public (publicized), official version of the routine urban order.  Disempowered and disregarded residents of the ‘fenced-off’, pressed-back and relentlessly encroached-upon areas, respond with aggressive action of their own; they try to install on the borders of their ghettoized home ground ‘no-trespassing’ signs of their own making.  Following the eternal custom of bricoleurs they use for the purpose any material they can lay their hands on–‘rituals, dressing strangely, striking bizarre attitudes, breaking rules, breaking bottles, windows, heads, issuing rhetorically challenges to the law’.”

-Zygmunt Bauman, Globalization: The Human Consequences, 22.

Inhabiting or simply occupying a space will come with marking off and asserting that space.  The space wars in the urban…

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