urban themed conference…

mediterranean mobilities

The Mobile Lives Forum, an institute for research and discussion created by the SNCF, is pleased to invite you to its 2nd International Meetings. This year’s theme:

Sustainable mobilities in peri-urban areas?

What lifestyle in the alter-urbain/suburban-rural/citta diffusa/Zwischenstadt ?


January 24-25, 2013

La Maison Rouge (Paris 12th arrondissement)

Today, the media and certain professional fields regard the peri-urban as a repellent space lacking in qualities, where wasted space and energy, social segregation and landscape uniformity can be observed with unparalleled intensity.

Some, however, defend the idea that this space is much more complex and diverse than these stereotypes would have us believe. From this perspective, it could even constitute a place of adaptability to the economic, energy and climate crises of the 21st century.

At this event, we will call this hypothesis into question from a mobility standpoint, by comparing the views of European researchers, artists…

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