Progressive Geographies

I finally got round to reading Łukasz Stanek, Henri Lefebvre on Space: Architecture, Urban Research, and the Production of Theory, which has been out for a little while. The book is extremely well researched, and filled with interesting discoveries from archives and through interviews. The key addition the book provides is to ground Lefebvre’s work on space and the urban in the empirical work he was involved with in architecture and urban planning. This adds a valuable counterbalance to work that seeks to understand Lefebvre’s theories on space in their conceptual and historical context. I don’t agree with the claim on the backcover of the book that the “prevailing view… reduces Lefebvre’s theory of space to a projection of his philosophical position”. My sense is that the attempt to see his theory of space as philosophically grounded – something I attempted in my Understanding Henri Lefebvre– is far from dominant…

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