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Recently, in a blog post entitled “Monumentalising Revolution,” my commentary argued that the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City stands as an ambiguous carrier of utopian promise, which links past and present generations of struggle. Specifically, my concluding point was that this architectural space stands as a possible symbol of “the effective participation of the present generation in shaping the utopian desires of the oppressed, linked to ongoing past and present social struggles.” Written in April, there was no anticipation in this piece of the events to come that have swirled around the student movement #YoSoy132 in contesting the presidential election process in Mexico.

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Day 2: The most remarkable chapter I read yesterday (day 2) from Critique, ‘Notes Written One Sunday in the French Countryside’, like a sermon ending in fire climax:

‘Marxism, the consciousness of the new man and the new consciousness of the world, offers an effective, constructive critique of life. And Marxism alone! …

It is serious writing:

‘The end, the aim, is to make thought – the power of man, the participation in and the consciousness of that power – intervene in life in its humblest detail.
More ambitious, more difficult, more remote than the means, the aim is to change life, lucidly to recreate everyday life.’

(p. 227 in the 1991 Verso edition of ‘Critique…’).

I think one of the most interesting things so far for me has been in Lefebvre’s own introduction to Introduction to Modernity: Twelve Preludes, September 1959 – May 1961, in which he…

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A couple of podcasts of lectures I have given recently are available on line.

The first is a lecture on mobility and citizenship at the Oxford University Transport Studies Unit. This can be found at

The second is a lecture on my work on Chicago (the book I am writing now) and is somewhat truncated and mostly about assemblage theory. It was given at CRASSH at Cambridge as part of their “Taking Place” series. This can be found at;jsessionid=A82207DA142765A610463AB304891E04

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