Restoring Nature to the Urban Environment

Geography Directions

by Fiona Ferbrache

Last week I happened upon an exhibition: La Ville Fertile: vers une nature urbaine (The Fertile City: Greening Urban Environments), which shared much with a TIBG paper on “Geographies of environmental restoration” (Smith, 2012).  The exhibition presented a number of urban planning initiatives that have sought to create a semiotic relationship between the man-made city and nature, showing how landscape architects have attempted to restore nature (through images of forest, prairie, wasteland and riverbank) back in the urban landscape. The visual displays drew from sixteen world case studies and considered various themes including space, time and ecosystems.

Reading Smith’s essay on environmental restoration (the practice of assisting ecosystem recovery), the two sources clearly complement one another. Smith draws on the relationship between nature and culture in restoration theory, while the exhibition showed this through actual examples. Similarly, Smith’s nuanced approach to the field reveals how geographers have…

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