mediterranean mobilities

10th Urban and Landscape Days Call for papers April 26-27, 2013 Faculty of Architecture Estonian Academy of Arts Tallinn, Estonia

The international scientific conference “Between architecture of war and military urbanism” is the 10th edition of the annual series of Urban and Landscape Days. Organized by the Estonian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Architecture, the event brings together architecture, planning, landscape studies, critical urban studies and art. The idea behind the theme of 2013 is to facilitate a creative and critical interrogation of links between the political economy of war, the transfer of military practices and technologies to urban realm, and the ‘architectures of war’, such as military bases, fortifications    and refugee camps, which comprise a largely forgotten topic in planning and architecture. The conference is of interest to urban scholars, architectural theorists and historians, architects, political geographers, sociologists, and others from the related fields of theory and…

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