Special issue of Journal of Urban Affairs (free access to introduction)

Journal of Urban Affairs
Special Issue on the Creative Underclass
from the Journal of Urban Affairs 
The Creative Underclass: Culture, Subculture, and Urban Renewal
George Morgan and Xuefei Ren
Pushing The Urban Frontier: Temporary Uses Of Space, City Marketing, and The Creative City Discourse In 2000s Berlin
Claire Colomb
In Between Social Engineering and Gentrification: Urban Restructuring, Social Movements, and The Place Politics Of Open Space
Håkan Thörn
The Creative Underclass In The Production Of Place: Example Of Camden Town In London
Galina Gornostaeva and Noel Campbell
Graffiti or Street Art? Negotiating the Moral Geographies of The Creative City
Cameron Mcauliffe
Urban Renewal and The Creative Underclass: Aboriginal Youth Subcultures In Sydney’s Redfern-Waterloo
George Morgan

2 thoughts on “Special issue of Journal of Urban Affairs (free access to introduction)

  1. The free introduction implies a sustained critique of author Florida’s notion of the creative class throughout the issue. Follow the link and click on the .pdf link. Other articles require subscription.

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