London Lives – Digital Humanities site

I found the following through a link included in a post on the Early Modern Online Bibliography, seems of potential interest, particularly in light of the HyperCities post on this blog some time ago… I wonder if there are similar sites for other cities?… (please comment or post if you know of any)

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London Lives makes available, in a fully digitised and searchable form, a wide range of primary sources about 18th-century London, with a particular focus on plebeian Londoners. It includes over 240,000 manuscript and printed pages from eight London archives and is supplemented by 15 datasets created by other projects. It provides access to historical records containing over 3.5 million name instances. Facilities are provided to allow users to link together records relating to the same individual, and to compile biographies of the best documented individuals.

While the bulk of the sources included concern criminal justice and poor relief, there are also records of a guild (the Carpenter’s Company) and a hospital (St Thomas’s), as well as databases of tax and voting records, wills, fire insurance registers and urban directories.

1 thought on “London Lives – Digital Humanities site

  1. Thanks for this note. London Lives is a wonderful resource. Besides using this database quite a bit for my own work, I have also designed an undergraduate seminar “London Lives” for English majors and have incorporated several assignments that rely on it.

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