On 18 and 19 May, the Forum titled “Exclusion… Neoliberal inclusion: Looks at the Sustainable Rural Cities” was held at the CIDECI-Unitierra in San Cristóbal de las Casas.  The Forum was organized by different universities and organizations, including UNAM, CIESAS, and the Chiapas Peace Network.  The methodology of the forum included several rounds dealing with questions such as “Life in the Rural Cities,” “Territorial reorganization and counterinsurgency,” “State-firm, UN-State, public policy,” “The media reality: simulation and censorship,” as well as “Alternatives. Lekil kuxlejal, autonomy, utopia.”  Beyond presentations given by 15 investigators of the CRS Program, testimonies were presented by residents of two CRS currently in operation: Nuevo San Juan Grijalva and Santiago El Pinar.

All those who participated concurred in their critiques of this project, which was either poorly consulted with those it would affect, or not at all.  Dolores Camacho, UNAM researcher, spoke of the CRS in Santiago el…

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